"The Style guide for your Christmas dinner"

"The Style guide for your Christmas dinner"

Do you want to wear blouses, dresses or crops that are complicated with the bra? At WH We give you the solution!

In December 2021 everything revolves around nude colors, bling-bling , sequins, feathers and transparencies . That is why, today we leave you the best tips to put together your Christmas outfits .

The first recommendation is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing, since when you do not feel comfortable with something you use, it is noticeable at first glance. Through your clothing you communicate what you are, how you feel and the way you show yourself to the world.

Have you started to think, do you communicate what you really are? Therefore, at WH we believe in the power of a great outfit, always using the right accessories.

Feathers on the sleeves add drama without looking too over the top this holiday season. Find out how to style them.

You can use this type of dresses in black or nude colors to communicate elegance and avant-garde. Combine them with this type of bags that are a must have in your closet and don't forget to use the Nippz (reusable nipple shields or tapes to give a Push-up effect to your looks and so that the bra straps are not noticeable.)

Bling textures and transparencies are beautiful this summer for your dinners and parties . One of the main recommendations when you use nude or bling colors is that you always contrast with your accessories in stronger colors.

Feel more comfortable using the double tape on top of your boobs or on loose blouses so that they don't open when you bend over or feel like something can be seen.

We don't all have the same bodies! It is important to identify them to know what type of clothing fits your body and what part you can highlight . If you have curves, love them ! You can play with asymmetrical cuts in dresses, skirts and crops to sterilize them and highlight the parts you like the most. In this type of dresses, blazers and wrap tops , use the tapes to avoid ruining the looks with the bra and the magic push-ups to give them a magical effect.

Another must-have for a brunch with friends, dinners or Christmas parties are white combat boots and cowboys , blazers and oversize blouses. Use them to sterilize your figure and always look taller. If you have small boobs, with this type of dresses and blouses, choose the tapes or push-up magic to highlight the upper part, if you just want to be very comfortable and not notice the bra, opt for the reusable Nippz s , remember that you can use them up to 50 times.

And finally, if you want to wear crossed, strapless or neckline crops with your favorite dress, choose the tapes or nippz to feel more comfortable and improve your looks .

And remember! The best recommendation and THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF THIS MONTH IS:

  • Confidence in yourself

  • Self-love

  • And a lot of style.