Bikini with lift bra or nippz?

¿Bikini con lift bra o nippz?

WH we love this time of Holy Week because it is when our body, mind and soul are transported to unique places. When it comes to looking for those corners of the world that shine for what they have to offer, it shines in a unique way and in the same way you shine too.

That is why you have to take advantage of this opportunity to wear your favorite BIKINI in the best spots for this season. We leave you a guide with all the swimsuit trends and how to use them with our WH products. Have you started to think, do you communicate what you really are? Therefore, at WH we believe in the power of a great bik ini. As long as you know your body type and use the correct accessories.

The first recommendation is to use this type of bikini when you have a body with a low waist, as it helps you curve your body and add volume. We recommend that you use the nipple shields so that you do not suffer from the heat on the beach. It will help you not to notice anything and you will feel more comfortable using them in the sea.

Another tip is this type of swimsuit, if you have a thin X body with a waist, you can use our P ush-up or lift bra tapes to add volume to your boobs, (In case you have small boobs.) They are ideal because you can use them for up to 5-6 hours. in the water without any problem. In addition, it will help you sterilize your figure with your bikini by creating a push- up effect.

Full swimsuits are the most elegant and sexy, also a trend of 2022! If you have small boobs, use the tape so lift bra to give volume and if you have large boobs, they are ideal so that they do not show sagging.
If you have a lot of hips , we recommend using this type of bikini! It will help you reduce it and look more sterile. You can use Pu sh-ups that are against water to give volume to your boobs and feel more comfortable. You can also use them with the reusable Nippz. It will help you not to see anything and feel free!

And finally, if you have a chobby or a little more voluminous body, we recommend this type of swimsuit. What they do is an effect to reduce the small areas of the hip and make you look slimmer, and they also help the hip not to look so voluminous. Don't forget to use them with the LIFT BRA to give volume on top, it helps you look slimmer and taller!

And remember the most important thing is always self-confidence, knowing your body type to know what suits you best and feeling comfortable with what you wear. Ready for the best spots on the beach with your favorite bikini?