Best Seller for this season

Best Seller for this season

As women, it is always very important to be self-confident, to feel comfortable with our outfits , without leaving fashion and trends behind, but also, it is very important to know our weaknesses and strengths to get out of the monotony and start doing different things that It's what makes us unique.

That is why This good end of 2021 we will have 20% in the entire store so you can enjoy our best sellers that you can use this season, whether at your dinners, Christmas parties or on your next trips to the beach.

We want to make your life easier and inspire you to create your best version. Today we give you ideas on fashion trends, street style and looks to make this Christmas season more comfortable and creative.


A must for this season are crop-tops with crossover necklines or front necklines, you can use them with our best sellers > Reusable nipple shields or with our Push up magics to show off your boobs more. Finally, use the magic tape to prevent the bra straps from being visible in the back and improve your outfits.

The Push up magics will make a unique effect on your crop top !

Another trend is neutral colors that communicate peace, minimalism and neutrality . Combine them with flared pants, it will help you always look taller and sterile. Use nipple shields on tops to prevent bra straps from showing. Perfect for a Christmas dinner or celebrating Thanksgiving.

Classic silk blouses never go out of style! Always choose to wear a blouse with a neckline and asymmetrical cut for this season. With this type of blouses it is recommended to use the tape for deep back necklines, they will make your looks stand out and make you feel more comfortable. Ideal for any Christmas dinner.

And finally the best outfits for winter.

Wear oversized blazers and hoodies with combat boots. Combine neutrals with pastel colors like green “The Color of the year 2022 ”, they will make an ideal contrast for your looks. Always combine them with accessories such as bags, glasses and necklaces. Here you can use the teat cups to sterilize your body and highlight the crops.

Take advantage of the good weekend to buy the star products that you will use throughout this season, they all have 20%, 25% and 30%.

1-Dinners > Tapes

2-Christmas parties or posadas - Push up

3- Beach or parties - Nippz

And remember, always choose what makes you feel most comfortable and suits your style. Join this trend!