One of women's biggest battles is breast cancer!

¡Una de las batallas más grandes de las mujeres es el cáncer de mama!

The boobs are a very important part of our body and that is why WE MUST TAKE CARE OF THEM AND PROTECT THEM. Many times we forget to explore ourselves and this can cause us to not prevent diseases.

Just as our body protects us in many situations, it is important that you also protect each of its parts!

Remember that we must eliminate beauty stereotypes that limit us and create anxiety, there is no perfection, all boobies , whether small, medium or large, are beautiful . You must be compassionate with yourself and accept yourself as you are.

Your breasts began to develop since you were in your mother's belly, it is important to know if your family members suffer or suffered from any illness so that you can also prevent yourself from these.

Breast cancer is one of them, a malignant tumor that in Mexico represents the leading cause of death among women. According to the IMSS, in recent years, the number of deaths caused by this disease has increased alarmingly , therefore, we must take care of ourselves and have a general check-up every year to prevent any illness.

On the other hand, in 2019, for every 100 thousand women aged 20 years or older, 35.24 new cases of breast cancer were reported. At the national level, the mortality rate from breast cancer is 17.19 deaths per 100,000 women aged 20 years or older.

How to prevent breast cancer?

  1. Eat a balanced, high-fiber diet , which includes broccoli, chard, spinach, mushrooms, grapes and papaya.

  2. Use healthy products for your skin , try to eliminate bras that can cause discomfort for your boobs and better opt for products such as tapes or nipple shields to feel more comfortable and not force or hurt them.

  3. Reduces the consumption of sugars and fats.

  4. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

  5. Maintain an adequate weight.

  6. Get a general checkup every year.

Let's remember Kylie Minogue, an Australian artist who survived breast cancer. “ Cancer changed many things forever and then some things didn't change at all” -KM.

Despite the hard times she went through, physically, mentally and emotionally, she was grateful to be alive. Furthermore, he assured that this experience helped him see things in a more positive way.

The WH community listens to you and supports you. It is important that, if you are going through any of these cases, you are compassionate with yourself and learn from a great experience that can leave you with many lessons.

However, there are also many organizations that you can approach for support. Susan G. Komen For the Cure, is the world's largest network of breast cancer survivors and activists. They fight to save lives, encourage sick people, ensure high-quality care, and strengthen science to find a cure.